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With the look of Zelda this magnificent RPG takes you to the classic epoch of this genre.

Those who enjoyed the Legend of Zelda and the classic 2D RPGs in the 1990s will surely find many things they remember in this sensational free adventure: Stendhal.

Stendhal is a classic adventure game that develops as a typical RPG for 8 and 16 bit consoles, but with the particularity that it's multiplayer, and lets you play online. This development is via Java and Java 2D. The general aim of Stendhal is to move through different places in a village, talk to people who live there, and collect information to discover a plot someone is weaving in Stendhalandia.

As it is a multiplayer online game, you can communicate and chat in real time with other players you find on the way. Buy and sell objects, fight against bandits, help farmers for money, enjoy small tasks you have to complete ... a very varied RPG, well done and without cracks. Fans of this genre will be more than satisfied with Stendhal.

NOTE: You need to install Java Virtual Machine to be able to play.


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